12 UURTJE DE HOOFDWACHT "12 uurtje" 'De Hoofdwacht' LUNCH MENU 12,50 salmon, Dutch croquette and a tomatosoup WRAP PULLED CHICKEN Wrap pulled chicken LUNCH MENU 9,50 with BBQ sauce, guacamole

WRAP KIP Wrap crispy chicken LUNCH MENU 9,50 with cheddar, lettuce, cucumber ribbons, guacamole WRAP LAM Wrap with lamb LUNCH MENU 9,90 with sweet pepper, ras el hanout, tzatziki PISTOLETJES Assortment of BaguetteS LUNCH MENU 5,50+ chicken, or goatcheese, carpaccio, warm meat
tuna salad, eggsalad, old- or mature cheese, Durch croquette
UITSMIJTERS Old Dutch Fried eggs LUNCH MENU 6,50+ plain, with ham, with cheese, with ham and cheese
or with cheese and bacon
CAESAR SALAD Traditional CAESAR SALAD LUNCH MENU 15,90 lettuce with chicken breast, egg, bacon, anchovy,
croutons and anchovy vinaigrette
CAPRESE Salad CAPRESE LUNCH MENU 16,50 with grilled sweet pepper, tomato tapenade, basil pesto VISSALADE Fully stuffed FISH SALAD LUNCH MENU 14,90 richly filled with prawns, trout, smoked salmon,
Norwegian shrimp, mackerel and tuna salad
SALADE GEITENKAAS Salad GOATCHEESE LUNCH MENU 14,90 Goat cheese from the oven, walnuts, marinated watermelon,
apple and honey
PANNENKOEK Dutch pancakes Plain LUNCHGERECHT 6,50 with syrup and powdered sugar TOMATENSOEP Creamy Tomato soup LUNCH MENU 5,20 with bread CHAMPIGNONSOEP Creamy mushroom soup LUNCHGERECHT 6,90 with bread LANGOUSTINESOEP Creamy soup Langoustine LUNCHGERECHT 8,50 with bread KIPPENSOEP Clear chicken soup LUNCH MENU 6,90 with bread PANINI'S Various Panini's LUNCH MENU 6,50+ ham/cheese, cheese/bacon or DeLuxe